Artistic Design for Constructed Environments

General Planning with Art:

General planning for the integration of art as part of a construction project, is the making of goals, deciding locations and setting general measures for the realisation of an art project. The general plan acts as a reinforcement of the general building plan for a constructed environment throughout all of the developmental phases. A consultant collaborates closely with the other developers and planners of the construction project to ensure smooth execution of the art throughout the building process. Having a general plan for art enables an art project to be integrated at a later stage of the planning process.

Conceptualisation with Art:

Conceptualisation with art is planning a constructed environment around an art thematic. The concept supports the other planned themes around which, the art consultant and the main project planner work closely together. The theme, goals, timeline, agreements and procedures are determined during the concept stage. This stage can also include searching for the right artist.
It is best to initiate the concept stage when beginning the general project plan, but the concept can also be flexibly included near the end of the project plan, while it is still possible to include an art project into the construction.

Coordination with Art:

Art coordination refers to the inclusion of an art project within a construction project by means of a facilitator. The art coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the construction project and the art project are completed as planned, on time and within the given budget. The coordinator, as a mediator with expertise in the arts, is responsible for bringing the art project to the construction site within the given time frame. The coordinator communicates between the commissioner and the artist and if necessary, helps the commissioner find the right artist. The coordinator is also responsible for writing up the legal agreement, the art budget and it also responsible for sharing all relative information between both parties. With regards to integrated artwork, the coordinator is responsible for driving the art project through all stages of construction, whether it is the facade of a building, a wall element, the surface of a window, floor designs, the surface of a road, furniture or part of another constructed space.
The coordinator works as a team member of both the planners and executioners and she collaborates particularly closely with the other planners in charge, participating in planning and construction site meetings.

Other Consultation:

Our consultation is customised for developers, designers, construction workers and artists. Consultation can provide clarity for our clients with hourly based budgets for art projects, detailed timelines, written and legal terms of agreement, finding the right artist for the job, public art techniques and technicalities, as well as helping with decision making about art. Our consultants are also proficient in determining suitable locations for the integration of art into an already constructed environment.
The consultant is qualified to give speeches and presentations at seminars or other functions. In addition, we also offer to draft annexed support material for project proposals.

The Visual and Sound Design of Space

Art Impact offers to enhance the visual impact of your event or function to provide an unforgettable visual experience for your clients. Visually designed environments are an excellent way of offering your clients a new way of experiencing your business or brand, or to gain an edge on your competition. The result is customised for you based on your needs and wishes. A function can be anything from your business presentation at an international fair, an intimate event for clients, to a larger event, gala or even festival. We use artistic means to execute the visual enhancement of an event, through installation, and use of various materials. If necessary, our installations can also include light design.
Visual enhancement can be an artwork made to last, in for example, the lobby of a building or meeting room, or any other public space. Art Impact provides the possibility of sound design which can support the atmosphere or nature of your function or event by relaxing or getting your clients in the right mood before, or during, the function. Sound designs can be created as recordings or live performances. Art Impact has the necessary resources and material to produce both recorded and live sound.

Performance Art

Art Impact offers a array of performative content for various spaces and events. Performances are customised for your business, or event theme, based on your requests. A performance can be a strong visual experience, an interactive show or a surprise number written into the official programme for a public event. A performance can also include sound design.
Kirsi Pitkänen has presented her own performances around the world since 2004. Her performances have been seen at different international cultural events as well as commissioned events by various businesses and associations. In 2010, Pitkänen performed at the Shanghai World Exposition, representing Finland for two months.